Teach me the wilderness simplicity. Help me to point to You, honestly and joyously, as the threshold of all that really matters."

 - Calvin Miller

My name is Laura Boggs. I'm a twenty-something North Carolinian living in the city of Seattle. I'm pursuing a life of creativity and thrive off of a constant blend of music and photography in my life. I can't have one without the other...music inspires me as a photographer and photography inspires me as a musician. I dream of making + teaching music, photographing legacies, eating pie and traveling the world. 

photography: I am a hardcore storyteller at heart. I love how every story is so different, with different dynamics and reflections of people that impact the story. The beauty of photography is the ability to capture God writing our stories step by step and being able to hold the physical evidence of our legacy. I want to be a photographer that honestly documents a story and captures something that is true to that particular moment in time.